Podcasts of the Week: Cannes, Nostalgia, Bad Movies …

The perfect company or your long commute, instead of cursing other drivers or listening to the latest mindless pop noise music:

Fresh Air – A Critic Takes On Cannes: Highlights (And Lowlights) Of The 2015 Festival

with Terry Gross and John Powers.

panels.net – Oh, Comics! #31: The More Things Change…

Paul and David wax nostalgic on the subject of…nostalgia!

Scripnotes #197 – How do bad movies get made?

Craig and John tackle a single topic: bad movies and how they happen.

The Tim Ferriss Show with Jon Favreau

Acting, Scripting, Cooking and Mindfulness

El Podcast del Búho : Akenatón, el faraón hereje (Spanish Language)

Akenatón, (a.k.a.Amenhotep IV, reinó en 1353-1336), es un controvertido faraón egipcio que hizo unas radicales reformas en el culto religioso egipcio atendiendo a motivos políticos.

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